HBR Article: Top 10 takeaways from "Every Org needs a AR strategy"

In this article, Michael Porter and James Heppelmann details out roadmap to AR and explain critical choice(s) enterprises will face integrating AR into its strategy and operations. In the image above, my son playing with augmented objects from the HBR article image using the HBR AR app (details at end of this post). 

1. Need: Disconnect between rich digital data and its physical representation in two dimensions - reality is three dimensional and two dimension representation limits our decisions and actions - GAP between digital and real worlds limits out ability to take advantage of torrent of information 

2. AR Technology: AR application is like a X-ray machine, that enables human eye to see what you normally cannot revealing internal features of the object. 

3. Key Capabilities: Visualize: AccuVein, a #medicaldevice company, use AR to superimpose heat signatures of patients vein on the skin, making it easier to locate the veins.

4. Key Capabilities: Instruct & Guide: Written instructions for assembly and shop floor tasks are frequently hard to interpret, understand and are time-consuming. Video's interpretation are not interactive and in-person training is expensive. AR can address such issues by providing real-time, step-by-step visual guidance on such tasks. 
"Boeing study, AR was used to guide trainees through the 50 steps required to assemble an aircraft wing section involving 30 parts. With the help of AR, trainees completed the work in 35% less time than trainees using traditional 2-D drawings"
5. Key Capabilities: Interact: AR takes user interface (UI/UX) to whole new level by super imposing virtual panels or controls directly on object of interest, in future users wearing smart glasses or other smart connected products can instantly active virtual UI and operate it. 
"Reality Editor, an AR app by the Fluid Interfaces group at MIT’s Media Lab, makes it easy to add an interactive AR experience to any smart connected product"
6. Impact: AR reduces inspection time by 96% from 36 hrs to 90 minutes for US Navy aircraft carriers and overall time saving of 25% are typical in manufacturing. 
"AR is making advances in consumer markets, but its emerging impact on human performance is even greater in industrial settings. Consider how Newport News Shipbuilding, which designs and builds U.S. Navy aircraft carriers, uses AR near the end of its manufacturing process to inspect a ship, marking for removal steel construction structures that are not part of the finished carrier"
7. AR vs. VR: While AR superimposes digital information on physical world, VR its cousin replaces physical reality with computer generated environment. VR can use hologram to simulate environments, mostly used in games can also find applications in businesses such as hazardous remote locations for training. VR adds fourth capability - simulate - to AR's visualize, instruct and interact.

8. Value Creation: AR can add value as product feature such as head-up display in fighter jets, automobile, for product development such as creating 3D models using AR onto a hologram enhancing engineers ability to evaluate and improve designs, in manufacturing for example Iconics, which specializes in automation software for factories integrates AR into products user interface, for logistics where 20% of all logistics is warehouse and in warehouse 65% of time and costs is picking items from shelves - such as applied by DHL and Intel, and likewise in area of sales, marketing, HR. 

9. Digital Revolution: Smart and Connected products are able to create explosion of data through sensors and main constraint is how to assimilate and act on data - in other words, the interface with humans. AR is a leading solution for this challenge      

10. _____________ this is intentionally left blank for the readers to go through the article and fill in :) lets brainstorm.

Link to original article - PDF 


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